Finally, all your employee benefits billing, accounting, reconciliation, and payment information in one place.


Why automate benefits
Billing and Reconciliation?

Manual processes, complexity, inaccuracies, a lack of timeliness, disparate benefits enrollment software systems and data — all of these contribute to an extraordinary amount of waste in the budgets facing Employers, Professional Employer Organizations, and Association Health Plans.

Tabulera's cloud-based software solution centralizes the entire back-office employee benefit billing and payment process into one secure tool.

Gain visibility

User-friendly dashboards provide a unified view into employee benefits participation trends and the financial status of your plans.

Connect disjointed

Unique Robotic Process Automation "bots" gather and reconcile data from multiple sources all the way down to the employee level.


Equip your understaffed HR team with tools to work remotely, capture data automatically and create streamlined infrastructure.

A suite of applications for automating the entire benefits back-office process:

Case Studies

Customer - Zuman

A group of employers eliminated benefits premium Write-Offs using Tabulera’s Integrated Reconciliation module.

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Tabulera has delivered additional benefit administration infrastructure that would have taken years for us to create.  

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Introducing a new way for HR and Accounting to work together

Tabulera allows HR and Accounting teams to get everything they expect from a modern benefits administration solution together with vital back office automation that increases efficiency and streamlines processes at scale.

Work as a team

Use Tabulera as a common tool to manage and resolve data discrepancies,  avoid costly mistakes and reduce manual processes.

Leave an audit trail

Eliminate spreadsheets and track open items to resolution. Allow your team to establish a control environment with Tabulera. 

Data security you can trust

Tabulera's Platform infrastructure is designed to ensure that your corporate, payroll and benefits data is securely maintained, accessed and monitored.

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What our clients say about Tabulera

Tabulera helps Vensure deliver insurance products to market faster

Andy Lindley

CTO, Vensure

"Tabulera’s solutions help our clients simplify and streamline benefits administration so they can focus on their businesses"

"Tabulera helps us pay vendors and commissions to our sales staff while providing live dashboards so we can track our expenses timely and accurately"

"Tabulera enables our clients to review, reconcile, understand, and pay benefit invoices all in one place, streamlining administration for everyone"

Automated benefits administration

For Benefits Brokers

Benefits administration is more than using an electronic enrollment platform...

Single platform

Let Tabulera connect to your clients enrollment, payroll and accounting systems. Finally carrier connections, member billing, payments, plan accounting and commissions in a single platform! 

Create time for your clients

Streamlining manual employee benefits administration means freeing-up time and eliminating roadblocks to introducing additional offerings.

Allow clients to grow

Introducing role-based scalable systems allows clients to standardize processes and assign work at the appropriate level. No longer do your HR and benefit teams need to be experts in Excel or take up senior management or IT time.

Single or Multiple Employer Plans

Support single or multiple employer benefits plan administration activities across your client base. Get back to providing advice instead of managing client and carrier billing problems.

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Benefits administration software

For PEO's

Eliminate the hidden cost of benefits leakage.

Automate manual processes

PEOs by their nature provide benefit administration services. Connecting with carriers, reconciling plans and making the appropriate payments need to be accurate and scale.

Eliminate error-prone tasks

Schedule processes to eliminate common repetitive employee benefits administration tasks and free your team to monitor processes, not be overwhelmed by them.

Aggregate data sources

Create a flexible environment so software systems you use at your PEO can keep up with a changing landscape of clients and partners' employee benefits administration needs.

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Benefits Administration Software

For Employers

Aggregate data in a single benefit administration platform


Connect your employee benefit programs with Tabulera’s EDI module. From healthcare carriers to 401k plan administrators - trade data seamlessly.


Reconcile your payroll deductions (insurance premium deductions) and employer contributions against your carrier invoices and your enrollment platform to prevent premium leakage.


Automatically pay carrier invoices and send electronically along with backup remittance files in Tabulera supported formats. 

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Benefits administration software

For AHP's

Consolidate data in a single benefit administration platform

Single platform

Multiple platforms mean multiple sources of workflows. Stop using systems not designed for AHP's that make tracking workflow difficult and are not designed to scale.

Multiple enrollment systems

Attract larger companies, unwilling to switch from their current enrollment platform they invested time and money perfecting. Show your AHP’s flexibility, by accepting data from multiple enrollment platforms.

No more spreadsheets

Formulas and processes prone to error and user interpretation. Use Tabulera to manage calculations, processes and create auditable transactions and spend more time designing member benefit programs and less time becoming and Excel expert. 

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