Consolidate, Reconcile and Pay Benefit Invoices In One Place

Equip your benefits team with software to automate benefit premium administration

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How to streamline benefits premium administration?

Turns out, you can do it all

Tabulera's cloud-based software solution centralizes the entire back-office employee benefit billing, reconciliation and payment process into one secure tool.


Have all your benefits data in one place. Fewer systems to manage - less space for errors.


Spend no time identifying variances between enrollment, carrier bills and payroll.


Pay a single bill for all your benefit plans, Tabulera will distribute to carriers automatically.

Automate every step of benefits premium administration:

Tabulera Case Studies:

A new way to streamline Benefit Premium Administration:

Tabulera's software platform helps Benefit Brokers, Employers and HR outsourcers Consolidate, Reconcile and Pay insurance carrier invoices to streamline benefit premium administration.

Work as a team

Use Tabulera as a common tool to manage and resolve data discrepancies,  avoid costly mistakes and reduce manual processes related to benefits premium administration.

Leave an audit trail

Eliminate spreadsheets and track open items to resolution. Allow your team to establish a control environment with Tabulera. 

Data security you can trust

Tabulera's Platform infrastructure is designed to ensure that your corporate, payroll and benefits data is securely maintained, accessed and monitored.

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Supercharge your HRIS

Tabulera can accept flat files from any benefits enrollment system, and we also offer direct integration with these HRIS.


Tabulera seamlessly integrates with PrismHR, streamlining the benefits reconciliation workflow for efficient invoice discrepancy detection.

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Tabulera integrates flawlessly with isolved, simplifying the flow of payroll and benefits data to help eliminate costly write-offs.

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Employee Navigator

With the Employee Navigator integration, Tabulera enables benefit brokers to streamline benefit audits and expand client offerings.

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What our clients say about Tabulera

Tabulera helps Vensure deliver insurance products to market faster

Andy Lindley

CTO, Vensure

"Tabulera’s solutions help our clients simplify and streamline benefits administration so they can focus on their businesses"

"Tabulera helps us pay vendors and commissions to our sales staff while providing live dashboards so we can track our expenses timely and accurately"

"Tabulera enables our clients to review, reconcile, understand, and pay benefit invoices all in one place, streamlining administration for everyone"

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