Use Tabulera’s predefined formats to easily capture carrier and vendor accounts payable invoices

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Combine the captured carrier list-bills and generate self-bills into a single monthly invoice

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Publish invoices to your accounting platform for payment to Tabulera or directly to carriers

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Capture Benefit Invoices

Launch quickly

Let Tabulera rapidly implement our invoice capture features with prebuilt integrations for most carriers and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Maintain compliance

Ensure that all your employee benefit plan-related invoices are tracked to completion.

data accuracy

Eliminate error-prone data entry of health plan invoice data.

Free up your HR

Redeploy time saved by Tabulera to analyze data rather than dealing with manual processes.

How invoice capture works?

Tabulera bots navigate carrier websites or your enrollment platform to execute predefined workflows. Eliminate repetitive tasks, spreadsheets and validate data.

Discover a toolset
for modern Employee Benefit teams

Equip your understaffed HR/Benefits team with tools to work remotely, capture data automatically and create streamlined infrastructure.

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Consolidate Benefit invoices

Receive and Pay a single monthly invoice

Whether your carrier requires a list or a self-bill format, Tabulera can combine these invoices into a single consolidated invoice for later processing, such as:

  • Making carrier payments
  • Reconciling
  • Publishing to your GL

Your consolidated invoice reflects all of your benefit plan amounts including premium amounts for each employee and every carrier. 

Publish Benefit invoices

Accounts Payable

Send your captured invoices directly to your AP accounting platform or let Tabulera pay these invoices on your behalf. 

General Ledger

Record general ledger journal entries for each invoice and specify the level of detail to map to your chart of accounts.

Case Study:

Learn how Tabulera helps Vensure integrate and control benefit processes while driving revenue with rapid deployment of insurance plans.







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Why automate the processing of benefit plan invoices?

Most large employers have a myriad of carriers and benefit plans spread among thousands of employees and disparate platforms - HRIS, Payroll, Enrollment, Carrier billing and COBRA. The combination of possible data sources and variations is impossible to track manually which leads to higher benefits cost.

Why we use 'Consolidated Invoicing' in the context of benefits plans rather than 'Consolidated Billing'

In the context of benefits plans, the term "consolidated invoicing" might be more precise. This is because these invoices tend to be complex, often involve contractual obligations, and require a formalized payment request.

Does Tabulera work with self-funded employer plans?

Whether you are fully insured, or self-funded Tabulera’s platform can be implemented to process invoices such as stop-loss, claims funding and administrative-fee invoices.

How does Tabulera validate the accuracy of invoices?

As part of our automated processes, Tabulera checks individual line-item records against the total invoice submitted by each carrier.

What is consolidated invoicing?

The operation of  generating a single invoice from multiple insurance carriers and vendors in order to the streamline administration of employer related programs.

How does consolidated invoicing work?

Consolidated invoicing, also known as, consolidated billing, combines all carrier healthcare insurance premium and healthcare vendor related costs into a single invoice each month.  This allows an employer or plan sponsor to pay one invoice for all healthcare related costs each month.

What are the benefits of consolidated invoicing?

Consolidation means only one invoice to pay, relieving your team from repetitive and tedious tasks of downloading and paying each individual invoice.

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