Benefits premium administration software for Brokers

Create capacity, eliminate Excel usage, and prevent billing errors to deliver cost savings for your clients.

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Automatically capture carrier list-bill invoices and create self-bills from benefits enrollment systems. Save your clients time, reduce billing errors, and create audit trails.

Data flows

Connect with insurance carriers through Tabulera EDI module, automate repetitive tasks and track status with date-effective dashboards. Get the freedom to focus on your clients.


Consolidate all carrier premiums into a single monthly payment. Free-up your client’s accounts payable department. Track benefit costs down to the penny and create bandwidth for HR teams.


Reconcile premiums with enrollment and COBRA transactions. Maintain a benefits ledger to accurately track employer and employee-level contributions to avoid write-offs.

Tabulera's benefits administration solutions for Brokers:

Brokers can pick individual modules to expand their offering.

Expand offerings

Create time
for your clients

Manual employee benefits premium administration means roadblocks to introducing additional offerings to your clients. Free-up their time with Tabulera’s solutions.

Easily integrate your clients' Enrollment Data directly from your Employee Navigator instance through our the direct integration, providing seamless connectivity.

Equip your account managers with a user-friendly tool that simplifies the reconciliation of list bill invoices, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in benefits reconciliation services for your clients. Our platform automates the gritty tasks, automatically matching 84% of employees, allowing your team to focus on resolving the remaining discrepancies effectively. Read Case Study

Automate everything

Single or Multiple Employer Plans?

Support single or multiple employer benefits plan administration activities across your client base and get back to providing advice to them and reduce benefits management tasks.

Automate repetitive billing activities across your client departments, locations, entities and business units to properly allocate employee benefit costs.

Integrate general ledger entries from Tabulera’s Plan Accounting module to reduce duplicate work.

Eliminate overpayments

Uncover hidden expenses

Carrier invoices, enrollment, COBRA platforms - too many disperate systems, not enough time to monitor rates and setup. Identifying differences in these platforms due to incorrect or incomplete configurations is essential to eliminate the hidden expenses of employee benefit write-offs.

Ensure clients' group health invoices are accurately reconciled with minimal effort, identifying timing discrepancies such as post-invoice new hires or terminations, especially in COBRA, to safeguard clients' premium dollars effectively and prevent losses.

Case Study:
Reducing Reconciliation Effort for Benefit Brokers by 84%

Tabulera allows brokerages to offer reconciliation services without overloading their workforce.

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Trusted by
leading brokers:

“Tabulera enables our clients to review, reconcile, understand, and pay benefit invoices all in one place, streamlining administration for everyone”

Michael Keck

VP Benefits and Insurance, HUB international

Employee benefits broker software that keeps cost down

Anytime there’s a manual process comparing enrollment records, carrier invoices, and COBRA records, inadvertent errors can be introduced. It’s very easy to miss over- or underpayments or if an employee should be added or removed from a benefit plan. If errors are not caught in time, employers can face unexpected expenses due to overpayments or under-collections of premiums.

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