Introducing Tabulera EDI connectivity

EDI 834 built right and shipped ahead of time

Create, generate and send carrier EDI enrollment feeds based upon carrier specifications and your plan setup


Create, generate and send carrier EDI enrollment

Quick EDI connections to benefit carriers

EDI 834

Exchange a wide variety of data with your vendor and carrier partners, streamlining business processes for repetitive tasks such as enrollment, payroll deductions and employer contribution files.

Member Search

Tabulera Member Search translates EDI files into easily understandable data that can be used by insurance brokers, employee benefit call centers or HR departments to quickly answer EDI questions.

Accelerate your EDI 834 creation process

Stay ahead of your competition with Tabulera’s technical team that does hundreds of files per year. Have files approved into production in days, not months.

Send EDI feeds regardless of your enrollment platform

Tabulera can translate data from any platform and transmit a variety of EDI formats to carriers or vendors. If you have the need to combine files from multiple data sources - rely on Tabulera.

EDI extension

Publishing 401k payroll contribution files is error prone, repetitive and a time-consuming manual process. Now accurately automate tasks that can be scheduled to free up valuable time reducing costs. Tabulera allows users to schedule, create and transmit 401k files automatically to plan administrators.


Create a variety of 401k EDI formats to integrate with plan administration platforms.


Schedule repetitive transmission of 401k files to plan administrators to avoid missing contribution deadlines.


Keep accurate records of which 401k files have been generated, transmitted and received by your plan administrator.

EDI Connectivity with any Carrier

Tabulera’s extensive library of carrier connections and experience in supporting EDI functionality allows customers the ability to trade data bi-directionaly with carrier partners.

Case Study:

Learn how Tabulera helps Vensure integrate and control benefit processes while driving revenue with rapid deployment of insurance plans.







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Top features:


Allow non-technical users to search and find enrollment related data


Quickly compare and find changes between EDI files sent on different dates


Show data translations between enrollment and carrier-required fields

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What is an EDI 834 file?

The ANSI 834 EDI Enrollment Implementation Format is a standard file format in the United States for electronically exchanging health plan enrollment data between employers and health insurance carriers

How long does it take to build an EDI carrier connection?

Once an insurance carrier provides Tabulera with the specifications, Tabulera usually takes 2 weeks to develop an EDI file connection. Carriers then go through a testing process that may take extra time for final approval.

How often do you send EDI files to carriers?

Tabulera can send files as frequently as daily, but most carriers schedule delivery of files once a week.

What are the benefits of using Tabulera's EDI connectivity

The EDI connectivity module eliminates manual interactions of highly-sensitive data and consistently monitors all connections to ensure reliable data delivery. Tabulera also runs a number of pre-EDI edits on the data you send allowing detection of invalid or missing data.

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