Say Goodbye to Manual Benefits Reconciliation

Tabulera automatically compares carrier invoices to your payroll, enrollment, and COBRA systems, cutting down discrepancy research time and preventing write-offs


Why do you need to reconcile benefits?

Automated reconciliation tool for employee benefit teams

Balancing multiple benefit invoices with sources like payroll, enrollment, and COBRA amplifies the risk of costly errors.

Our research shows that, on average, employers overpay insurance premiums by 1%. Considering that employee benefits are the second-largest expense after payroll, the amounts can quickly become substantial.

Without automation, you're not only jeopardizing employee coverage but also facing the threat of unwanted benefit write-offs.

Tabulera's solution allows you to:

Follow a simple reconciliation workflow


Spend less time finding benefits billing errors

Quickly understand what caused an issue

See full history of employee deductions, employer contributions and invoices in a single place

Get home in time

An automation tool for Controllers and CFO's

Even a minor oversight can have major repercussions. In the employee benefits landscape, automation emerges not as a luxury, but as a critical defense against escalating benefit write-offs and upholding the integrity of your financial reports

Eliminate benefit write-offs by 97%. Read case study here

Standardize the reconciliation process

Reduce the risk of enrollment errors

Get more done without overloading your HR teams

Allow non-accountants do the accounting work

Follow these 4 steps to get your bills straight!

With thoughtful features that make mundane tasks easy, intuitive interface and a simple, predefined workflow, you’ll get the work done in a matter of minutes rather than days.

Upload Your Sources

Keep all your benefit plan-related data in one place. Upload your invoices, payroll, enrollment, and COBRA files in PDF, CSV, or Excel format. Tabulera can also be set up to automatically retrieve data via API.


Sort by Variance Reason

Tabulera automatically assigns a variance reason code to each item, allowing for a quick understanding of the suspected cause of the issue.


Track Plan Balances

Tabulera creates employee plan-level transaction registers, so you have a clear balance history down to the penny, allowing for the proper collection or adjustments of premium variances.



The dashboard at the top of the page now shows the amounts of the beginning over and under collected premium variances and the Resolved transactions equal each other noting the successful reconciliation of the invoice.


Watch how easy it is to Identify invoice variances

Watch our demo's

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Why is it important to
reconcile benefit invoices?

It's crucial to frequently examine and reconcile benefit invoices to uncover differences, guarantee that employees receive accurate benefits coverage, and prevent overpayments to insurance carriers.

Disparate systems

Matching multiple systems, each of which may have different employee names, descriptions and enrollment or deduction codes can be a challenge.

Timing differences

Invoices may be received before or after the corresponding enrollment or payroll data is recorded, making it difficult to match them.

Complex payroll structures

Companies that have complex payroll structures, especially those with multiple departments or locations, may find it challenging to accurately match invoices to payroll records.

But we’re self-billed!

Self-billing may solve timing differences for enrollments and terminations, but it doesn’t eliminate the need to audit invoices against your enrollment or payroll platform. Enrollment and payroll setup mistakes can be a costly.

System configuration errors

Lack of payroll deductions, sick leaves, missed first or last deductions from partial months of employment.

Complicated spreadsheets

Similarly to how carriers may have inaccuracies in their list bills, errors in calculations can also occur in your self-bills, due to the intricate nature of eligibility and potential wash rule algorithms.

Hidden Calculation Errors

Your benefit or accounting team may be unaware that these calculation errors even exist if you are not reconciling these premiums against a third party invoice.

Start your Tabulera journey

Whether you’re new to benefits reconciliation or back to see what’s new on the platform, we are happy to show you around.

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What's New in 3.2

Discover the latest features in Tabulera’s Benefits Reconciliation Module

23 February 2024

Benefits Reconciliation 3.2

Introducing Benefits Reconciliation 3.2

Introducing Tabulera's Benefits Reconciliation 3.2 - our latest upgrade featuring Manual Adjustments, Previous Period Resolved, Platform Guide, Carrier Portal Links, and 2FA. Learn more about these enhancements in our full article below.

What's new in Benefits Reconciliation 3.2

16 October 2023

Benefits Reconciliation 3.1

Introducing Benefits Reconciliation 3.1

Tabulera's Benefits Reconciliation 3.1 brings significant user-focused improvements. Key features include on-demand invoice regeneration, Enrollment Reconciliation, Carrier Invoice alerts, enhanced status categories, customizable fields in the Employee View panel, increased line item display, and the Beginning Plan Balance feature. These updates aim to streamline user control and enhance the reconciliation process.

Learn more about the new features

5 September 2023

New Plan Balance Report

Introducing Tabulera’s Plan Balance Report, a brand new feature of our Benefits Reconciliation Module. 

This report offers a consolidated view for plan balances. Download details for every employee, company, and plan type based on your desired timeframe.

22 Feb 2023

New masterplan view

The masterplan invoices now have an updated view that includes a list of all employees and the plans attached to them. There is an option to filter the list by plan type

14 Feb 2023

New Workflow

👋 Say hello to a new Workflow

We've overhauled our approach - now instead of beginning by choosing a plan or employer and then tackling a lengthy list of issues, you'll start by being able to reconcile one invoice at a time. This way, you won't have to wait for all  invoices to be released by the carriers.

18 Jan 2023

Statistical Panels

The updated statistical dashboards showcase the under and over collected amounts, as well as a continually updated plan balances. Keep resolving discrepancies until the resolved amount matches the starting balance


Can you explain how your platform handles the setup of benefits plans, including customization options?

Depending upon the enrollment or payroll platform we can take a combination of system reports, flat files or API connections to obtain plan setup information. Customized rules for mapping enrollment and payroll data to carrier invoice information can be implemented with our setup team.

Can you describe the integration capabilities of your platform with our existing payroll system?

Tabulera integrates with a wide variety of payroll systems through a combination of system reports, flat files or API connections. Tabulera can also accept these files on a scheduled basis through SFTP connections.

How does your platform handle COBRA administration and integration?

To the extent COBRA records appear on an invoice, Tabulera can receive the appropriate enrollment or remittance data from your COBRA administrator, this ensures that your invoices can be completely reconciled.

What kind of user access controls and auditing features are available in your system?

The Tabulera Portal is a role-based platform with various level of access and workflow authorisation. The system maintains a log of user interactions that can be reported.

Can you provide examples of how invoice balances are tracked over time and how are they reflected?

The system maintains a running plan balance ledger at the employee and plan levels. This ledger can be adjusted with the appropriate authorization.

Do you offer training and onboarding support for our Benefits team and employees?

Yes, the implementation and ongoing support are provided by our knowledgeable support teams.

What reporting and analytics capabilities does your platform offer?

The majority of our panels and data within the application are downloadable into Excel, which is our default reporting tool.

What's your pricing methodology?

Typically we charge on a Per Employee Per Month (PEPM) basis. Our subscription fees scale down with an increase in the number of employees processed by our platform.

Are there any additional costs, such as setup fees or ongoing maintenance fees, beyond the licensing costs?

Tabulera charges setup fees for the number of invoices required to be processed each month.

What is the timeline for implementation, and what resources will be required from our side?

Depending on the complexity and the availability of your team, the typical implementation lasts between 30 to 90 days.

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