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Learn how a group of employers eliminated benefits premium Write-Offs using Tabulera’s Integrated Reconciliation and Consolidated Invoicing modules




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A senior living company, operates 25 full-service senior living communities with more than 1,600 employees in six states offering independent living, assisted living and in some locations, memory care. 


The Challenge

Sponsoring a common employee benefit plan for more than 1,600 community employees was a significant benefit to the combined company and our employees. At the same time these plans created back-office administration and accounting challenges, especially as these 25communities operated as separate businesses.  The company needed a streamlined process to allocate and collect for premiums across its communities. Corporate also needed a way to reconcile carrier invoices against payroll collected and ideally remit payment to insurance carriers electronically.  The current system of spreadsheets and manual processes had become too labor intensive and was error prone.

The Solution

The company turned to Tabulera for our back-office benefit infrastructure. The team at Tabulera quickly understood our complex benefit challenges and were able to demonstrate how a number of their modules could help the company to automate and streamline both our benefit and accounting team’s tasks.

The Conclusion

Through Tabulera’s platform the company implemented consolidated invoicing, pulling together nine carrier invoices into a consolidated format and at the same time also created the ability to re-bill its communities for insurance premiums.  Once those communities have paid corporate, Tabulera’s platform automatically remits to each carrier. Tabulera’s reconciliation module also allows source data from the company’s payroll platform to be compared to carrier invoices in order to ensure employee payroll deductions are being collected properly.  The result, an efficient and auditable automated approach to the manual error-prone processes that previously existed.

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