Eliminating employee benefit write-offs for a group of employers

Learn how a group of employers eliminated benefits premium Write-Offs using Tabulera’s Integrated Reconciliation and Consolidated Invoicing modules


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This case study covers a group of Tabulera’s clients from the technology and pharmaceutical industries with a total of more than 7000 employees in the period of 8 quarters. These clients transitioned from the manual or not having a reconciliation processes to Tabulera’s automated Integrated Reconciliation module.


The Challenge

Anytime there’s a manual process, comparing enrollment, payroll records and carrier records, inadvertent errors can be introduced. It’s very easy to miss over-or-under payments or if an employee should be added or removed from a benefit plan. If errors are not caught in time, employers can face unexpected expenses due to overpayments or under collections of premiums.

During the first quarter of Tabulera implementation clients experienced an average leakage of $6.47 PEPM (Per Employee Per Month) that equals $136,944 in benefit premium write-offs.

The Solution

Using Tabulera’s Consolidated invoicing module to capture insurance carrier premium invoices, the Integrated Reconciliation module showed a quarterly reduction from $6.46 to $3.91, a drop of $2.56 PEPM in Q2, showing a significant ROI even after the first quarter post the implementation.

By Q2 most clients had normalized their Write-Offs of premiums to about $0.22 PEPM a 96.6% drop in benefit premium Write-Offs.

The Conclusion

Benefit premium Write-Offs over the sample period were virtually eliminated by reducing premium write-offs by aprox. 97%*.

The consistent quarterly decline in benefit premium Write-Offs demonstrated the adoption of technology and the value of Tabulera control environment through the Integrated Reconciliation module.

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