May 16, 2024

Tabulera vs. EverythingBenefits: Why It's Time to Make the Switch

Accurate benefits reconciliation is paramount for Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) acting as either plan sponsors or administering client sponsored plans.

With the shifting dynamics in benefits reconciliation software market, let’s examine how does the Tabulera’s Benefits Reconciliation Module compare to EverythingBenefits to see why now is an ideal time to make a change.

Tabulera’s Benefits Reconciliation Module

Tabulera’s Benefits Reconciliation Module provides an automated, streamlined process to ensure accuracy in billing and reduce administrative burden. It matches carrier invoices against employee payroll, enrollment, and COBRA data automatically, identifying discrepancies in seconds.

Direct Integrations

Tabulera offers dedicated integrations with popular software platforms to enhance the benefits reconciliation process:

  • PrismHR and isolved: Enables automatic enrollment and payroll data streams, eliminating manual monthly enrollment and payroll generations.
  • Employee Navigator: Facilitates seamless data exchange, ensuring accurate reconciliation of employee benefits enrollment data with carrier invoices. This integration is particularly useful for brokers expanding their offerings to clients

In addition to these direct integrations, Tabulera is platform-agnostic and accepts files from any enrollment or payroll system, including ADP, UKG Kronos enrollment and payroll reports.

Feature comparison: Tabulera vs. EverythingBenefits


Supported Invoice Formats

Excel, CSV, PDF

Excel, CSV, PDF

Matching Against

✅ Enrollment, Payroll, COBRA

Enrollment, Payroll

Auto-Matching Effectiveness


Implementation Time 

✅ 30 Days

60-90 Days

Persistent Employee/Plan Mapping

✅ Yes


Manual Ledger Adjustments

✅ Yes


Plan Balance

✅ Employee and Plan Level

Employee Level

Mass Actions

✅ Yes

✅ Yes


✅ Plan Balance Reports, Resolution Status Reporting

Reconciliation Report

Carrier Portal Access

✅ Yes


Free Trial

✅ 90-Day


Pricing Methodology



Training and Onboarding support



*Based on user feedback and information available online

Tabulera’s Benefits Reconciliation Module

⚠️ Try before you buy: Take advantage of Tabulera's free90-day trial for PrismHR clients. This trial provides ample time to experience the platform's benefits first hand.

Multi-Year commitments: Join the growing number of clients signing up for multiple years to ensure continued support.

Short implementation time: Tabulera offers a streamlined implementation process, minimizing downtime and ensuring rapid deployment.

Flexible configuration: Tabulera accommodates various payroll frequencies and supports both list and self-bill invoices.Additionally, it is capable of accounting for plan margins, providing flexibility to meet diverse PEO and client company structure.

Track Plan Balances: Tabulera maintains clear balance history for accurate premium collection and adjustments, ensuring financial integrity and compliance.

Various Plan Structures: Tabulera works seamlessly with any employee benefit program, including medical, dental, life, legal, pet and more offering flexibility to accommodate various plan structures.

Organizational Structures: Tabulera seamlessly adapts to any organizational structure, including PEO re-billing of premiums to subsidiary companies.

Discrepancy Reason Classification: Tabulera automatically classifies discrepancy reasons, streamlining the resolution process and saving valuable time.

User-friendly interface: Tabulera's intuitive platform features a short learning curve, meaning you don't need to be an accountant to successfully reconcile benefits.

Continuous improvement: Unlike competitors, Tabulera is committed to constant improvement and development. With monthly new feature releases, you can trust that Tabulera remains at the forefront of innovation in benefits reconciliation.

Switching to Tabulera’s Benefits Reconciliation Module ensures PEOs can continue to manage their benefits billing accurately and efficiently, maintaining the high service standards their clients expect.

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