Benefits Premium Administration Software For PEOs

Solve problems, don’t chase them. Spreadsheets and a myriad of manual processes with disparate systems for large populations inevitably don't scale and create additional costs.  

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Benefits Administration Software  For Professional Employer Organizations (PEO's)
NAPEO Medalion partner

A toolset for a modern PEO

Eliminate Benefit

PEOs are in a difficult business to begin with, and you don’t need additional surprises as a result of write-offs. Tight deadlines, manual processes and disparate platforms are difficult to manage.


Automatically capture carrier invoices or let Tabulera generate self-bills from your enrollment platform. 

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Ensure that you’ve collected sufficient premiums from payroll to fund carrier invoices. Identify variances and track to resolution.

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Electronically pay carriers with all the backup details required and free accounts payable resources.

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Manual Processes

Schedule processes to eliminate common repetitive employee benefits administration tasks and free your team to monitor processes, not be overwhelmed by them.

Streamline workflows

Allow your benefits team to follow Tabulera’s predefined accounting processes including validation, scheduling and processing of invoices.

Scale processes

Keep up with growth of your Professional Employer Organization and instil confidence in carriers, auditors and clients.

audit trails

Retain history, track invoice status and employee plan balances.

data sources

Create a flexible environment so software systems you use at your PEO can keep up with a changing landscape of clients and partners' employee benefits premium administration needs.

Combine multiple enrollment and payroll platforms

Tabulera provides the ability to consolidate data from multiple benefits enrollment and payroll applications. Notably, we offer direct integration with both iSolved and PrismHR, ensuring seamless data flow.

Expedite carrier EDI's

Develop additional EDI feeds to insurance carriers in days, not months.

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Drive additional insurance plan adoption

Offer complex employee benefit as well as property and casualty and voluntary benefits products to your clients with Tabulera.

PrismHR and isolved
integration partners

Tabulera not only provides the ability to consolidate data from multiple benefit enrollment applications but is also a proud marketplace partner of both isolved and PrismHR, enhancing our integration capabilities.

Recognized by leading PEOs

Tabulera helps Vensure deliver insurance products to market faster

Andy Lindley
CTO, Vensure Employer Services

Case Study


Why does our PEO need Tabulera, when our platform already does “benefits administration”?

Founders of Tabulera spent more than 20 years in the PEO industry. The back-office benefit processes supported by Tabulera’s software have been historically unsupported by technology vendors. Professional Employer Organizations, however, are no exception. These processes are typically unsupported by any HRIS or accounting software. We call it full-cycle benefits premium administration.

Can Tabulera accommodate client-sponsored benefit plans?

Each Tabulera module can be configured to support master policies or client sponsored benefit plans.

How does Tabulera’s software reconcile carrier invoices with multiple disparate platforms?

Based upon a number of  data elements Tabulera’s unique reconciliation platform suggest likely matches to user operators to speed up the association of people to plans.

Data security

The Tabulera platform infrastructure is supported through processes and procedures which ensure that your corporate, payroll and benefits data is securely maintained.

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Case Study:

Learn how Tabulera helps Vensure integrate and control benefit processes while driving revenue with rapid deployment of insurance plans.







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