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This partnership enables isolved users to access our innovative Benefits Reconciliation Module via the isolved Marketplace, simplifying the process of reconciling, and paying insurance carrier invoices.

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A powerful, flexible platform

Our current PEO and Staffing clients use Tabulera to reconcile more than 2000 invoices every single month, showcasing our platform's capacity to handle vast amounts of data with precision.


Built for flexibility and scale

Tabulera's reconciliation engine not only handles rapid growth and organizational changes, including acquisitions and mergers, but also supports multiple isolved instances. Offering unparalleled flexibility and scalability, it adapts effortlessly to evolving business needs.


Time to value from day one

Experience the immediate impact of Tabulera, complemented by our comprehensive onboarding, advanced training, and premium support services, ensuring a smooth transition and quick value realization.


Industry-leading data security

Your data's security is our top priority. Manage sensitive employee information with confidence, supported by custom permissions and the highest compliance standards in the industry.

Experience Seamless Benefits Reconciliation


Highlight #1

isolved integration

Effortlessly integrate Tabulera with your isolved instances, eliminating the monthly manual upload of payroll and enrollment reports for seamless reconciliation.

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Plan Balance Ledger

Gain clear insights into billing histories with our Plan Balance Ledger, providing a detailed view of over or under collections per employee.

Highlight #3

List and Self Bill Support

Tabulera ensures full adaptability by supporting every insurance carrier format, from list to self-bills, offering unmatched flexibility in handling billing types.

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Advanced security

Tabulera safeguards your data with 2 Factor Authentication, customizable role-based access for enhanced security.

return on investment

Maximize your ROI

Investing in Tabulera's Benefits Reconciliation Module not only streamlines your reconciliation process but also significantly impacts your bottom line. By reducing time spent on manual checks, minimizing effort in discrepancy management, and eliminating costly benefits write-offs, Tabulera ensures a tangible return on investment.

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Reduce Time

Automated matching and discrepancy highlighting cuts down on manual review time, freeing up your team for other tasks.

Reduce effort

With most invoice line items automatically reconciled, focus only on the exceptions, significantly reducing the effort required.

Eliminate write-offs

Avoid unnecessary benefits write-offs by swiftly identifying and correcting discrepancies, thus boosting process efficiency.


Write-offs eliminated

Significant cost-savings achieved



Average time for clients to achieve ROI