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Maximize Revenue Through
Benefits Reconciliation

Empower Your Brokerage with Tabulera's Employee Navigator Integration

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Expand Your Offerings

With just a few clicks in Employee Navigator, you can effortlessly offer extra value to your clients, ensuring their group health invoices are accurate and reconciled with less effort.

Prevent Premium Leakage

Identify timing discrepancies like post-invoice new hires or terminations, particularly focusing on COBRA, to safeguard clients' premium dollars and prevent losses effectively.

Equip Your Account Managers

Equip your account managers with a tool for streamlined reconciliation of list bill invoices, ensuring accurate and efficient benefits reconciliation services for your clients.

A Game-Changing Reconciliation Platform:

Integrate Effortlessly

No need to wait for lengthy implementations. Quickly select clients with sizable employee populations from your Employee Navigator instance, seamlessly connect to Tabulera, and initiate reconciliation effortlessly—no complex setups, just smooth operations.

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Upload Invoices

Easily upload all benefits-related invoices in PDF or Excel format, ensuring convenient data integration for efficient reconciliation processes.



any insurance carrier

Map Employees and Merge Plans

Effortlessly align employees with identical names and merge benefit plans with different names to streamline the reconciliation process.

Use Filters

Use smart filters to swiftly identify tier, plan, and rate mismatches, simplifying analysis and resolution of reconciliation discrepancies. Significantly reduce the effort required.

resolution reason

resolution status

variance amount

COBRA employees

Active employees

Terminated employees

Add Adjustments

Easily make retroactive adjustments or write-off benefit premiums with the "Manual Adjustments" feature, ensuring accurate balance tracking and simplified reconciliation processes

Add Write-offs

Add beginning balance

Generate Reports

Generate and send monthly reconciliation reports effortlessly, providing detailed insights into discrepancy reasons for clients.

Monthly Client report

plan balance report

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Unlock Your Brokerage's Potential

Boost Productivity

Enjoy 66% time savings and reduced write-offs by leveraging automated reconciliation process.

Stay Ahead

Tabulera empowers you to generate additional revenue by expanding service offerings.

Scale Effortlessly

Seamlessly move your existing clients to the Tabulera Platform out of your Employee Navigator Instance.

Exceed Expectations

Ensure your clients receive unmatched service and value, fostering continued satisfaction and loyalty.