Take our benefits reconciliation module for a spin!

Tabulera offers a 90-Day trial for

PrismHR users

Reconciliation doesn’t have to be draining. Tabulera allows PrismHR clients to:

  1. • Connect PrismHR data and upload your healthcare and ancillary invoices
  2. • Instantly filter employees to find variances, sort by amount, resolve all or only high-value issues
  3. • Map employees with different names and SSNs together
  4. • Adjust for different payroll frequencies such as bi-weeklyIMPORTANT!!!
  5. • Maintain a running benefits ledger for each employee and each plan

Before Tabulera entered the scene, a staggering 100% of our clients depended on Excel for their benefits reconciliation process.

Balancing multiple benefit invoices with sources like payroll, enrollment, and COBRA amplified the risk of costly errors.

Without automation, they were not only jeopardizing employee coverage but also facing the threat of unwanted benefit write-offs.

Sign up for Tabulera's free 90-day trial (limited to one invoice of your choice) to ensure you're not making critical benefits premium administration mistakes that could be costing your PEO a fortune.

Hurry up to submit a trial request, the offer expires on March 31st.

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“Tabulera is easy to work with and helps resolve problems. Their customer service is exceptional and we never go long before responses are received."

- Director of Benefits, ZampHR

This technology implementation could have saved you $77,640 for every 1,000 employees on your benefit plan by Q4 2024!

Case Study by Tabulera on a group of employees with 7000 employees on benefits

Think about that!

Did you miss this tremendous write-off reduction opportunity?

Many PEO leaders chose Tabulera’s Benefits Reconciliation Module and saved up to 96.6% in benefit write-offs.

According to our research, that’s $77,640 for every 1,000 employees on your benefit plan in a year!

Tabulera also offers flexibility in the reconciliation methods. You may match invoices to PrismHR  enrollment or to the payroll data, or do both, for maximum accuracy.

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Get The Free 90-Day Trial

GO From

Monotonous data collection and line-by-line matching in Excel:

Manual and Slow


Not Scalable

No Audit Trail

To this

A single platform that automatically identifies variances:

Instant reconciliation

Works with List and Self-Bills

Works with PDF and Excel Invoices

Supports multiple PrismHR instances

Get The Free 90-Day Trial

Enterprise-Grade Platform


  • SOC I Certified
  • Multi-factor Authentication


  • Direct Payroll Feed
  • Direct Enrollment Feed


  • Best in class support
  • Dedicated account manager


Will there be a charge for using Tabulera during the trial period?

There is no charge for the setup or use of Tabulera's Reconciliation module during the 90 Day Trial Period. The trial is limited to one invoice. After the trial period we can provide a quote for the on-going use. Our per employee per month pricing is based on the number of enrolled employees you anticipate reconciling each month.

When does the Trial Period begin?

The trial period begins once you provide a sample invoice, and we connect the payroll and enrollment data from PrismHR. We will also provide an overview session of our software.  

What types of reconciliations can Tabulera Reconciliation module support?

We support both comparing enrollment data to carrier invoices (enrollment reconciliation) and comparing payroll data to carrier invoices (payroll reconciliation) with the Tabulera Reconciliation Module. Our 90 Day Free Trial Period is designed to support a payroll reconciliation process.

How often should I reconcile?

Reconciliation should be done each time your carriers publish new invoices. Since the invoice adjustment timespan is usually limited to 60 days for most carriers, we suggest resolving the identified mismatches on the platform as soon as possible, as these mismatches between systems can have a significant impact on PEO's businesses.

How Tabulera handles the setup of benefits plans?

Depending upon the enrollment or payroll platform we can take a combination of system reports, flat files or API connections to obtain plan setup information. Customized rules for mapping enrollment and payroll data to carrier invoice information can be implemented with our setup team.

How does your platform handle COBRA administration and integration?

To the extent COBRA records appear on an invoice, Tabulera can receive the appropriate enrollment or remittance data from your COBRA administrator, this ensures that your invoices can be completely reconciled.

What kind of user access controls and auditing features are available?

The Tabulera Portal is a role-based platform with various level of access and workflow authorisation.The system maintains a log of user interactions that can be reported.

Is my data secure?

Tabulera segregates each client’s data in a separate and secure database. We use one of the leading cloud service providers with backup storage and network monitoring.  

How are invoice balances are tracked over time and how are they reflected?

The system maintains a running plan balance ledger at the employee and plan levels. This ledger can be adjusted with the appropriate authorization.

Do you offer training and onboarding support?

Yes, the implementation and ongoing support are provided by our knowledgeable support teams.

What reporting and analytics capabilities does your platform offer?

The majority of our panels and data within the application are downloadable into Excel, which is our default reporting tool.

How long does the implementation take?

Our implementation team will assist you with setting up the Web User and the Single Sign-On in the PrismHR platform. Afterwards, you'll be able to log onto the platform and upload the healthcare or ancillary invoice of your choice. Our development team will require 48 hours to configure the remainder of the platform.