If you’re using Tabulera’s Consolidated Invocing module, automating payments is the next logical step. Eliminate manual approval processes, emails and spreadsheets with ACH and automated electronic payment attachments to carriers and vendors. 

Benefit payments are different

Workflow, data privacy and compliance demand a different approach than traditional AP invoices. Audit trails and payment confirmation play an important factor in processing. Make Benefit AP automation a snap with Tabulera.

Remittance advice formats

Carriers and vendors often require specific remittance advice formats along with an electronic payment. Tabulera maintains a library of remittance advices allowing you to focus on the workflow, not the technical details.

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Pay commissions more effectively

Let Tabulera’s Commission Module calculate and pay insurance commissions. Eliminate manual calculations and tedious spreadsheets and even provide online remittance advices to producers and brokers. 

Re-Bill and Collect Payments from subsidiary companies

Manage re-billing and collections of premiums and eliminate manual cost allocations and internal treasury money movement activities for your subsidiaries. Automate the collection and remittance of subsidiary company premiums, insuring timely and accurate payments. 

Tabulera Re-billing Feature

carrier payments

Establish carrier invoice payment due dates, terms, grace periods and payment methods. Link benefits plan types with carriers to group payment remittances.

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