Tabulera Case Studies

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Benefits Premium Administration Platform

Discover how our clients experience a seamless benefits premium administration process with Tabulera Modules.

Transforming Benefit Invoice Audits Through Agency Partnerships

This case study shows how a large multi-state employer achieves a 91% automatic audit of benefit invoices each month using Tabulera.


New Revenue Stream for an Employee Benefits Agency

This case study shows how an agency using Employee Navigator leverages the Benefits Reconciliation Module to support a new revenue stream: benefits invoice audit services.


US Top Senior Living Chain Cuts Benefits Premium Admin Time

Discover how Tabulera helped a senior living company streamline benefits premium administration, rebill subsidiaries, and identify invoice discrepancies.


Vensure Delivers Insurance Products To Market Faster With Tabulera EDI

Learn how Tabulera's EDI 834 enabled Vensure to integrate new PEOs more effectively.


ROI Case Study: Tabulera Eliminated 97% Benefit Write-Offs

This case study shows how a large employer with 7,000 employees achieved ROI within Q1 by using Tabulera's Benefits Reconciliation Module to eliminate 97% of be


We eliminate benefit write-offs for