Automation solutions for Insurance Carriers

You have tried to streamline your employers benefits reconciliations with technology but other benefit tasks have become burdensome for your service and accounting teams.

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Employer-facing automation
solution for Insurance Carriers

You’ve assembled a team of insurance experts in compliance, risk, underwriting, claims, and provider management.  Now you need the tools to scale and be efficient.
Creating and maintaining employer facing administration systems, however, can be difficult, tedious, and time-consuming. 

With Tabulera, create an employer-friendly eco-system allowing you to streamline your employer facing insurance operations. Allow employers to on-board more quickly, and efficiently while maintaining the connectivity to other internal systems.  Make on-going billing and reconciliation problems, that can create write-offs and customer ill will, a thing of the past.   

Tabulera’s technology-agnostic approach simplifies health benefit plan insurance-related employer administration so you can continue to focus on strategic areas of your business.  Modernize your accounts receivable processes and eliminate spreadsheet reconciliations with employers. 


Insurance carriers keep evolving. It’s not just because customers demand lower rates, better plan administration, and perfect customer experience. They must now fight against growing competition and strict regulatory control. While the modernization of the front-office systems has helped a lot, carriers understand that a true competitive advantage can be only achieved by pulling away from legacy systems that slow them down.  

So, you’ve enhanced the way you manage broker relationships, commissions, and policies, but your accounting team still relies on hundreds of spreadsheets when it comes to reconciliation.That’s a dangerous decision for any industry, but especially critical for health and life insurance carriers, who have unique accounting requirements. 

Having an eye on every transaction detail across every single broker and employer becomes vital. Data integrity must be maintained at all times.

To ensure that, carriers must have all the details at sight. Each employee often records transactions along with other account data in its own way using spreadsheets. This way of managing records is very ineffective due to the difficulties of data reviewal that is subject to human errors that take a lot of time to investigate and fix. Maintaining a perfect period-end closing is crucial for compliance. 

Tabulera helps insurance carriers increase efficiency and accuracy while managing the close.
Reconciliation of problematic accounts is executed automatically by the insurance software administrative solutions that solves the traditional complex workflows and lowers the financial statement irregularities.

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Streamline manual processes with Tabulera's
Insurance carrier software

  • Platform agnostic

    Enrollment engine agnostic platform creates consolidated feeds to carrier systems

  • Prevent errors

    Electronically bill clients and match with enrollment feeds and avoid costly reconciliation errors

  • Clear View

    Provide brokers and producers with commission dashboards

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Modules that save you time

Benefits Reconciliation

Identify variances quickly and track to resolution

Consolidated Invoicing

Create and publish consolidated invoices in PDF and .xls formats

EDI Connectivity

Create, generate and send carrier EDI enrollment feeds


Generate carrier defined remittance advice formats and send payments

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