What is Robotic Process Automation?

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) frees HR departments from repetitive and error-prone tasks while administering employee benefits to focus on more strategic initiatives. While it isn’t as “hyped” as other types of process automation such as chatbots or artificial intelligence, RPA is highly useful in taking over some processes within jobs. However, it doesn’t claim to replace the employees itself.

The basic working principle of the technology is simple - it mimics human actions while interacting across disperse systems in accounting and HR departments.

Robotic Process Automation software is not build to replace your current technology stack, it increases the efficiency of processes that are executed between its elements and departments.

Tabulera is the only RPA company software provider that also happens to be a TPA, automating your processes and making payments on your behalf.

Our Robotic Process Automation tools move these processes from manual to automated: 

  • Logging to vendor websites
  • Gathering census information 
  • Gathering enrollment plan data
  • Opening carrier self-bill template 
  • Calculating
  • Populating carrier self-bill with enrollment plans and amounts
  • Validating final amounts
  • Saving carrier self-bills

Workforce impact

The way businesses view the role of an employee has drastically changed over the last few years. They are competing for a very limited selection of top talent and try to recruit and retain only the best. Leaders will stay on top of the game by implementing technology solutions that create a great working experience.

Our HR Robotic Process Automation solutions:

Safely log to carriers

Don’t waste time logging into carrier portals

Download bills

Automatically check carriers for new bills and download to cloud storage

Capture screenshots

Automatically capture statement forms on carrier portals

Extract & Transmit information

Extract data from your bills and load into your accounting software

Your digital transformation team

We know software deployment can be a nightmare – new routines need to be put into place; new tools must be learned. Not everyone has IT support in place.

The key to rolling out new tools for business process optimization is understanding how each process step falls into a bigger picture.

Let Tabulera put you on the right path and guide you through all stages of your digital transformation to full-cycle benefits administration.

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