Modular approach to
Benefits Administration

Tabulera offers everything you need to streamline and improve the benefits administration process.

Built with flexibility in mind, our modules fit the way you work and free you up from annoying tasks at every stage of benefits administration.

Tabulera has 7 unique software modules that save time:

Consolidated invoicing

Billing status dashboard

EDI connections

Integrated reconciliation

Plan accounting

Carrier & Vendor payments

Commission reporting

Our Benefits Administration
Technology Solutions:

Modular approach

Tabulera offers everything you need to streamline and improve the way you administer employee benefits.

Built with flexibility in mind, our modules fit the way you work and free you up from annoying tasks at every stage of benefits administration.

Benefits Reconciliation

Consolidated invoicing

Tabulera creates consolidated invoices by creating self-bills from enrollment census files, as well as automatically logging into the carrier websites and extracting data from carrier list-bills and aggregating into a single monthly consolidated invoice

  • Automated carrier list-bill invoice capture
  • Integrated self-bill creation from enrollment systems
  • Create and publish consolidated invoices in PDF and .xls formats
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Billing Status Dashboard

Plan status dashboard

The dashboard lays out key financial and statistical information for benefits plans that are typically found in your enrollment, carrier, accounts payable and general ledger platforms that allow a plan administrator to know what exactly is happening at a point in time.

  • Monitor key client plan metrics, statistics and plan balances
  • Identify trends
  • Monitor participation
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Benefits Reconciliation

Integrated reconciliation

Make sure that as an employer you’re collecting the right amounts from your employee’s payroll deductions, you’re matching the right amount of employee contributions and that the carriers are billing you the right amount.

  • Compare enrollments, payroll deductions, employer contributions for each employee against Carrier Invoices
  • Identify variances quickly and track to resolution
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EDI connectivity

EDI connections

Tabulera connects with carriers and vendors and provides a searchable database for your enrollments allowing you to review enrollment details to carriers in a non-technical format.  We can also pull data from multiple enrollment platforms and send a single feed to carriers. Our rapid carrier connection process ensures you and your clients are supported as plans change.

  • Create, generate and send carrier EDI enrollment feeds based on the client selected benefits enrollment system
  • Daily change report available for manual enrollments
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Plan Accounting

Plan accounting

The Plan Accounting module generates a CSV file with the matched structure of the general ledger that will get imported into the GL.

  • Generate journal entries for plan-related financial transactions and record in general ledger for   financial statements
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Carrier Payments

Vendor & Carrier Payments

If Tabulera is your TPA, we can impound funds based on our consolidated invoice and remit payments on your behalf. Alternatively, our Payment module can be configured to draw electronically off your bank account. Either way, Tabulera supports carrier payment methods and specific remittance files formats.

  • Automated electronic carrier premiums remittance
  • Generate carrier defined remittance advice formats and send payments securely
  • Automated vendor invoice capture, for plan-related accounts payable invoices such as FSA or COBRA administration fees
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Commission Reporting

Commission reporting

Commission dashboard displays each one of the plans and relevant commission structure by carrier. The commission module is commonly used to pay out participating broker producers referring business for calculation and payout of commission compensation

  • Integrated commission reporting from calculations to payout
  • Producer dashboard logins
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Compatible with most HCM software:

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